July 19, 2020

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5 Films About Photography

5 Films About Photography

Get immersed into the world of photography as we chat about our favourite 5 films about photography and photographers.

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Street Photography

The History of Photography Movements

Learn how the history of photography movements altered over the decades. Discover the pioneers and how society changed photography.

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The History of Camera Technology

History of Cameras OVER 500 years of changing technologies. Where it began, the successes, failures and the people behind the invention.

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Who Was Ansel Adams?

Who was Ansel Adams? He’s probably the most famous landscape photographer, but did you know that he almost became a concert pianist?

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Using Strobe Flash Heads for Photographers

Beginners guide to using strobe flash heads. I’ll walk you through the common buttons and dials & how to connect to your camera.

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8 Environmentally Friendly Photography Accessories

Take photos AND protect the Earth with these 8 environmentally friendly photography accessories and brands.

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How to Tell a Story in a Photography by iPhotography.com

Depth of Field Explained for Beginner Photographers

COMPLETE GUIDE to depth of field for beginner photographers. Discover how to use DoF, and how to change depth using aperture, lenses & angles.

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Man playing with the drone. Silhouette against the sunset sky over the city.

Drone Photography for Beginners

Drone photography for beginners guide will give you a breakdown on how to get started, the best drones for beginner and what the rules apply.

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REIMS, FRANCE-JUNE 11:Megan Rapinoe of USA celebrates after scoring during the 2019 FIFA Women's World Cup France group F match between USA and Thailand at Stade Auguste Delaune

Beginners Guide to Football Photography

This guide will show you how to get started in football photography, the best camera kit and how you can take amazing shots of the action!

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Creative handmade camera made from recycled cardboard, crafts and creativity concept

8 Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint as a Photographer

I’ve got 8 ways to reduce your carbon footprint as a photographer that requires very little effort or changes to your current lifestyle.

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Duke of Edinburgh Award Photography Course

iPhotography supports Duke of Edinburgh Award photography courses online for young people working towards Bronze, Silver and Gold awards.

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DSLR Camera Canon 80D

DSLR Camera Buttons Explained

We’ve got a full guide to explain all the buttons, dials, and ports that you’ll find on a digital camera – perfect for beginner photographers

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Best Way to Learn Photography iPhotography Roadmap

The Best Way to Learn Photography

What is the best course to take? Check out our photography and photo editing course roadmap to discover the best way to learn photography

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lens ball with colorful blur background

Lens Ball Photography

Get ready for a low-cost and creative way to take photos with this guide to lens ball photography for beginners

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What are Macro Lens Filters

What are Macro Lens Filters?

Macro lens filters are a low-budget option for beginner photographers wanting to capture close-up photos without breaking the bank.

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Compression with Telephoto Lenses for Photographers

What is Lens Compression in Photography?

This guide fully explains what lens compression is for photographers, what equipment you’ll need and how to compose your shots.

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EXIF mean (Exchangeable Image File Format) Computer and Internet acronyms ,letters and icons ,Vector illustration.

What is EXIF Metadata for Photographers?

Digital cameras, record lots of information about every photo you take – this is called EXIF metadata (EXchangeable Image File). Read more…

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The beautiful rocky beach of Porth Nanven in Cornwall, England at sunset.

The 10 Common Mistakes of Landscape Photography

If you enjoy taking your camera into the great outdoors then make sure you are preparing yourself correctly. Watch our full webinar detailing the 10 common mistakes of landscape photography.

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Intellectual property and digital copyright laws conceptual illustration with copyright symbol and icon and a gavel on blue background.

Laws of Photography Copyright

This guide will outline the Laws of Photography Copyright and where the red lines are so you don’t find yourself in hot water.

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Portland, OR, USA - May 31, 2020: American stock photography company Shutterstock's mobile app icon is seen on a smartphone.

The Rules of Using Stock Photo Websites

Make yourself aware of the rules of using stock photo websites to ensure you don’t end up with problems when using someone else’s photos.

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Woman blogger using laptop at home wearing earphones. Woman sitting with DSLR camera on the table working on her laptop computer.

Social Media Tips for Photographers

Social media tips for photographers. Are you using the right platforms and how can you increase your reach? Here are 10 top tips to try.

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